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Courage is not about the absence of fear, but the continual forward movement even in the face of obstacles and barriers

Making the decision to initiate counseling takes both courage and humility. Courage to face your brokenness and burdens, and humility to ask for and accept help when needed. In choosing a therapist, it is important to select an individual with whom you can be vulnerable without fear of judgment, while trusting the process when you are ushered into unfamiliar territory. 

Whether you are seeking support as you embark on a new season of life or are struggling with recurring emotional or relational distress, I desire to meet you where you are.  Believing that we are all capable of coming to our own aid, my goal is to walk beside you along your life's journey, as you reflect on, find and unlock your unique potential.   


While there are many different methods I may use to assist individuals, families and couples navigate personal issues and behavioral health symptoms, I work primarily from an attachment-based and trauma-informed perspective. For this perspective, I can appreciate the healing capacity of relationships, and will assist individuals in uncovering and acknowledging their innate need to connect as well as identify and heal the relationship ruptures that contribute to maladaptive and self-destructive behaviors. 


I am also body-based in exploring and managing distressing symptoms. Therefore,  mindfulness practices are regularly incorporated in sessions, and encouraged to be practice in daily life.  


 My goal is to provide a safe space and guided support, as you humbly make sense of the path that brought you here, while courageously paving the way for a life full of vitality.

Modern Home

Addiction and Compulsive Behaviors 

Alcohol abuse / problem drinking 

Emotional eating


Sexually compulsive behavior 

Pornography addiction

Relationship preoccupation 

Holding Hands

Relationship Challenges

Affair recovery 
High-conflict marriage / divorce 
Collaborative divorce support / coach 
Intimate Betrayal trauma

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