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A Life Worth Living is Possible

A life of intentionality, authenticity and self-love

Where ever you go, there YOU are.

And every step you take has the potential to determine your path.  Walk wisely, and never let a stumble on the road end your journey

Meet Tiffanie

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

I help women and men break-free from generational cycles that have kept them stuck and from experiencing the life they desire. If you have found yourself walking a tight rope between keeping it together and falling apart, isn't it time you let down your burdens to find some rest. Whether you have been attempting to cope through people pleasing, perfectionism, procrastination, avoidance or chronic busyness, working together could help you to create a more intentional, authentic life.


Choosing therapy is a courage act of self-love.  For it is within the context of the therapeutic journey, that you reflect, reprocess, repair and rebuild towards reclaiming the life that was meant to be yours.

As a therapist, I truly believe in the healing power of having a witness to your life experiences, and having a trusted companion to provide feedback and support.  I have also learned that people do not care about what you know, until they know that you care. So in working with you, I will listen first, then ask how I can help.


What I Specialize In

The Journey Towards Wholeness   Begins on the Path of Self Love. Could You use an Ally on Your Journey ....

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