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Group Therapy, Seminars and Workshops

Stronger Together

Therapy can be an environment in which individuals can experience immense growth and transformation.  

However, group therapy is unique in that the time, space and information is shared among multiple individuals.  While sharing personal and sensitive information with strangers can seem intimidating, participation in group therapy is tremendously beneficial.  Group therapy can provide an environment of support, and allow individuals to see that they are not alone.  Groups can also serve as a sounding board, because hearing something you’ve heard 1,000 times be said by a new person may prompted deeper reflection.  Groups also allow newly learned skills to be modeled and practiced in real-time.

In the spirit of enhancing individual growth, Counseling Alliance, LLC is offers the following psychotherapy groups:

Recovery from Intimate Betrayal

When one partner in a marriage is struggling with out of control sexual behaviors, both partners suffer as a result. Recovery from Intimate Betrayal is a group for women who have recently discovered a partner's infidelity or been confronted with sexual acting out behavior related to a compulsive pornography or serial infidelity. Group members will be presented strategies to manage intense emotions, process the trauma of discovery and create healthy boundaries while deciding whether to reconcile or seek separation. Group will be presented in a psycho-educational and process format, incorporating Shame Resiliency and Emotional Regulation skills training.

Live Life Present: Women's Workshop

In today's society perfection is no longer an aspiration, but an expectation. As women, we are expected to be perfect mothers, perfect sisters, perfect daughters, perfect employees, perfect managers, perfect people.  In our striving for perfection, we are also expected to put ourselves and our needs last. Yet, our ability to love ourselves can be reflective of our ability to extend love to others.  Self love is not about being selfish, and is not about ignoring flaws or limitations. Self love, is rooted in self awareness, self compassion, authenticity and courage. In this group, women will challenge their devaluing self talk, explore their inherent worth, develop shame resiliency and practice being present rather than on autopilot. Embracing the truth that it's not about being perfect, but about showing up, and accepting that empowerment does not occur in isolation. 

You, Me and DBT:  Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills group

Do you feel like your emotions rule your life?  Does ‘overwhelmed’ feel like the proverbial word of the day?  Does your mind race and keep you from focusing?  DBT could help.  Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is a therapeutic approach that has commonly been associated with the treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder.  However, DBT offers effective techniques for managing intense thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that can be associated with trauma, addiction, anxiety and depression.  This time-linted, 12 session group will present strategies to enable individuals to regulate emotions, reduce impulsivity, minimize self-harming behaviors, and have more stable and satisfying relationships.